umsicht – regards – sguardi 2013

The Award of the SIA for sustainable Design of the living environment

In 2013, the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects SIA is holding the third edition of Umsicht – Regards – Sguardi, the award of the sia for sustainable design of the living environment, the most important Swiss sustainability awards, honouring work that makes an outstanding contribution to the sustainable design of the living environment.

Switzerland is a diverse and close-knit cultural landscape, a living environment with a high quality of life that should be preserved for future generations. The SIA is convinced that this can only happen if new standards are set for the design of this living environment in the future.

With Umsicht — Regards — Sguardi 2013, the SIA awards prizes for the third time to carefully executed works at the cutting edge of sustainable design. to accompany the awards, the sia has also formulated a series of standards that it believes can safeguard sustainable design for the future.

Umsicht - Regards - Sguardi 2013 has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Somfy Schweiz AG and VELUX Schweiz AG.