Swiss Squares

Discover Switzerland's squares with Augmented Reality

Swiss Squares takes you on a trip to 175 squares in Switzerland's major cities. Views from the past, present and future tell the story of how public squares have developed and how they continue to change.

The App works with Augmented Reality, i.e. the pictures of the squares can be displayed – using GPS – by the smartphone or tablet camera. This allows live comparisons between the current situation, past times, future square designs and even alternative plans. At the same time, the app can be used independently of location, for example while you are sitting on your sofa at home.

Mobile guides to architectural sights have so far concentrated on individual buildings. Swiss Squares presents public squares as an ensemble. Facets such as location, use and development are given as much prominence as structural artefacts.

Swiss Squares is organised by cities and squares. To ensure good orientation, the app offers three views at each level: List, Augmented Reality and Map. At the centre of Swiss Squares is the individual square in all its different facets.

Swiss Squares has been made possible thanks to the support of Ernst Göhner Foundation, of the Prof. Otto Beisheim-Stiftung and of the Swiss Academy of Ingeneering Sciences.