specialist associations

The SIA currently has 23 specialist associations, which are organised as autonomous associations and take care of specialist and other professional interests. They promote exchanges of experiences about new developments and knowledge in their specific area through courses, conferences, speeches and excursions, stimulate the exchange of ideas, and foster relations with national and international contacts within their particular field.

Associations need to have at least 100 members to be eligible to become an SIA specialist association. At the request of a professional group, their application is then ratified by the Delegates’ Meeting. After a hearing with the association, the professional group conference decides in advance on the SIA professional group to which the association will be affiliated.

The SIA specialist associations are open to all interested parties. SIA membership is not required. Each association is represented by one of their Board members (who must also be an SIA member) in the relevant professional group council. In this way the associations receive crucial assistance with coordinating and consolidating their activities as well as putting forward their concerns to the SIA.