professional groups

The SIA consists of four professional groups: Architecture, Civil Engineering, Technology and Environment. Every SIA member belongs to one of these professional groups.

The professional groups autonomously handle issues relating to their specific profession. They draw up professional profiles, support SIA’s further and continuing training policy, represent the interests of their profession and help formulate SIA standards and regulations in their area of expertise. They fine-tune their activities to fit in with the entire association’s policy and strategy. Professional groups are also answerable for the specialist associations’ affiliation to the SIA, and each professional group forms its own professional committee.

The professional group council is the highest management body in each professional group and consists of at least nine individual and/or honorary members from that group. These members are elected from among all professional group members for four years. Each specialist association is represented by one of their Board members in the relevant professional group council.

The professional group council elects one of its members as chairman or chairwoman and appoints the delegates representing the professional group at the professional group conference and the SIA Delegates’ Meeting. When selecting delegates, the professional group council ensures there is balanced representation of the specialist associations affiliated to the professional group.


Professional group membership numbers

Civil Engineering3,173