Virtual Workshop Hospital Design and Patient Safety

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Datum 01.12.2023
Zeit 13:00
Ort Nidau
Veranstalter Swiss Center for Design and Health
Kategorie Kurs
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Patient safety is highly dependent on the design of healthcare facilities. You are a planner, an architect, a designer, a hospital manager, a consultants or an interested person and want to learn how evidence-based design principles promote safety, efficient workflows and a healing environment? 


Nora Colman, MD is an Assistant Professor in Pediatrics in the division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Her research focuses on the intersection of healthcare design and patient safety and quality and patient safety-targeted simulation. She has extensive experience in leading system wide initiatives where simulation has been used as a vehicle to meet system wide quality goals. She is also passionate about the role of simulation to proactively identify latent safety threats in new healthcare design. Her strong clinical background coupled with simulation and patient safety experience allows her to impact patient care in multiple facets.


CHF 150.00

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Kontaktperson Rahel Inauen
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