Sustainable building opportunities in Canada: virtual event

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Datum 29.10.2020
Zeit 17:00
Ort Virtuel
Veranstalter Switzerland Global Enterprise
Kategorie Webinar
Veranstaltungsthema Unternehmensführung
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Be part of Canada's zero emissions future in construction! 


In this digital exchange you will learn about the business opportunities for sustainable building in Vancouver and British Columbia. This event is the ideal warm up to the business mission that will (if possible) take place in the spring of 2021. 


Why Vancouver?


Vancouver has been consistently ranked among the greenest cities in the world for its progressive thinking around sustainability. Vancouver’s objective is to become the world’s greenest city by 2025, to transition to zero emissions buildings in all new construction by 2030, and to deploy 100% renewable energy throughout the city by 2050.
These ambitious targets provide a huge export potential for Swiss innovators in green building design, renovation, and construction:

  • S-GE and the Swiss Business Hub Canada have identified a need for sustainable building expertise and products that are currently not met by Canadian suppliers.
  • SMEs from Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the sustainable construction industry have a first mover’s advantage if they act now.
  • By connecting and networking with fellow pioneers from Switzerland and Lichtenstein, you will be able to leverage the Swiss Business Hub’s network and create first connections to Canadian decision makers and businesses.

Who should participate?
We are looking forward to connecting with innovators from Switzerland and Liechtenstein ready to discover the opportunities that await in the sustainable building sector in Canada and more specifically British Columbia. If you are active in construction, wood construction, retrofitting, HVAC technology, energy storage and management, monitoring, sensors, building skins, membranes, architecture, sound and noise engineering, prefabrication technology and consulting then you cannot miss this chance. 



30.- oder gratis für S-GE Mitglieder 

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Kontaktperson David Avery
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