New continuing education programme at ETH Zürich

New continuing education programme at ETH Zürich

CAS ETH in Technology and Public Policy (TPP)

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Datum 28.01. - 12.06.2021
Ort Zürich
Veranstalter Institute of Science, Technology and Policy (ISTP) at ETH Zürich
Kategorie Studiengang
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The TPP continuing education programme targets professionals from both the private and public sector who want to further develop the policy analysis skills they need to effectively address societal challenges in their current or future careers. These professionals, particularly also engineers and architects, work at the intersection of science, technology and policy or want to move into this field.

The programme is structured modularly so as to best suit the backgrounds, interests, aims and needs of the participants. The programme consists of two Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) degrees in Technology and Public Policy (TPP) (15 ECTS each). The two CAS will equip programme participants with essential skills in public policy analysis by focusing on how to systematically analyze, design and manage policy-making processes (CAS TPP: Policy Process); to assess policy options in terms of their expected effects, in order to identify appropriate policy designs; and to evaluate the implications of implemented policies so as to be able to adapt them where needed (CAS TPP: Impact Analysis).

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CHF 9,500

If participants take both CAS programmes CHF 17,000 in total.

Anmeldeschluss ABGELAUFEN - 30.09.2020
Kontaktperson Nicolas Solenthaler
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